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Bringing Enthusiasts Together

There are hundreds of thousands of dedicated car enthusiasts across the United States. However, despite the popularity of the automotive industry and a widespread passion for cars, there is a significant lack of dedicated platforms specifically designed for car enthusiasts. While there are many groups and pages on Facebook and other social media platforms, these are not always easy to find or navigate. For the first time, there is a solution.  The StreetMeets App will be the first dedicated app of its kind.


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Meet the App


Introducing the StreetMeets App

Overall, a lack of platforms that are tailored towards car enthusiasts and designed to enhance the car community makes it significantly difficult for enthusiasts to connect, share their passion, and discover information or events. Trying to discern which car event to attend or which car groups to join from the plethora of options on a general social media platform is tedious and time-consuming...but not anymore! StreetMeets will be a social media platform designed specifically for car enthusiasts. The app will enable enthusiasts to connect with one another, share news, posts, or information, and plan events or meetups.


All things auto, in one place.
Get ready for your life to change.


The Ultimate App

By offering a comprehensive social media platform that is simple to use and boasts superior functionality, StreetMeets will become the most prolific platform for anyone who is passionate about cars.  StreetMeets was created by seasoned and experienced members of the auto community, and development is focused on making a user-friendly. 

Connect  with other car enthusiasts 

Create, share, & learn about events

Unique review feature

  • Built-in map to easily see nearby events

  • Create public or private events

  • Fan clubs & groups

  • Discussion forum

  • Review events 

  • Leave vehicle reviews

Streets Meets
  • How is this app different from other ones I've seen?
    StreetMeets will set itself apart from competitive applications by allowing car enthusiasts to enjoy a comprehensive social media platform designed specifically for those who are interested in vehicles. The additional features StreetMeets offers will allow it to provide an enhanced user experience compared to competing car enthusiast social networks.
  • Is the app easy to use?
    StreetMeets will offer a user-friendly interface that is straightforward to navigate, allowing even those who are not tech-literate to operate and navigate the app. As a result, no demographic will be excluded from using the platform, thus expanding the company's customer base.
  • How is the StreetMeets review feature unique?
    The review feature on the app allows users to provide feedback for one another about events, event participation, the type of the vehicle someone has, and much more. For those who plan and attend car events and meets, this is particularly useful, since it fosters complete transparency and allows users to choose the best events in their area.
  • Will the app be organized so everything is easy to find?
    StreetMeets strives to create an app that is easy to navigate for anyone at any tech level. The app's default screen will allow users to view the feed page that will show posts from people, groups, and events followed by the user, maps, and more.
  • Can you create specialized groups on the app?
    Pages or groups can be created dedicated to any area of interest a user chooses, such as fan clubs for a certain make or model of car.
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