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Red Stapler IT Consulting was started by two professionals from the technology sector with over 30 years combined experience: Mark Speziale and Allison Mascolo. Both come with experience in the MSP, Telco, and Internal IT industries.

Over the last 5 years, it's become clear that technology and vendors have become so siloed, it's nearly impossible for a small to medium sized business to get the right consultation and support needed to manage strategy and find the right partners for execution.

Over hot dogs in Downtown Salem, we decided it was time to help our community.

We work with you as your consultants and advisors to connect you with the right technology partners, from MSP and Phone Vendors, to Security and Compliance Partners.

When it's time to build a strategy and see it through, we don't just make recommendations - we see it through to completion, working with the dedicated vendors and assisting along the way.

Most importantly, knowing your technology plan strengthens your business plan. So, every onboarded client receives a remediation report coupled with a 5 year Technology Roadmap. 

From there, we hold your technology partners accountable for their defined roles. We ensure you're getting the right products and support for your business' needs.

Our goal is simple: Let us tackle the task of managing your business' biggest investment. Let your team go back to doing their jobs. We've got your technology covered.

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